Telephone Interviewing

Telephone Interviewing

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Roy Morgan uses Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) with over 200 centralised interviewing stations to provide a full-service for:

  • Designing sound and efficient questionnaires
  • Programming questionnaires using CATI software
  • Provision of speedy toplines or holecounts through Confirmit Instant Analytics
  • Analysing data and delivering results via detailed or high level executive reports as well as custom data visualisation and reporting through Confirmit Reportal
  • Database delivery in standard or custom formats such as ASCii, Excel, SPSS, or ASTEROID – our award-winning, easy-to-use analysis and tabulation software

Supported by a dedicated CATI Coding Department, our researchers and analysts can implement fast-turnaround research to strict deadlines.

We also train and maintain a highly skilled CATI interviewer team which deals with inbound calls; highly sensitive, B2B or specialised custom surveys as well as international interviewing for Roy Morgan Single Source.

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